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Endoscopic Ultrasound

A particular type of endoscope is used for an endoscopic ultrasound that uses a high frequency of ultrasound instead of a light source and a camera to produce images of your digestive tract and chest. one can use these images to detect any abnormal happenings in your digestive tract, your stomach or in your chest. It also helps determine the extent and areas to which cancer’s tumour has spread and determines the stage of cancer if already existing. Your gastroenterologist will give you some instructions about your diet and medications that one must follow before this treatment. One must also discuss the risk factors involved in the treatment. Unlike a routine endoscopy, the doctor will pass a thin tube via your mouth, which will then produce images using ultrasound. The process is a concise one that will get completed within an hour with detailed images and accuracy. These images will help doctors and other specialists to study and analyze the test results. You can contact the doctors if you experience fever, chest pain or abdominal pain after the endoscopy.

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