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Dr. Piyush Ranjan – Liver Specialist Doctor in Delhi

Dr. Piyush Ranjan, a distinguished Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi has done his medical schooling from Maulana Azad Medical College New Delhi and subsequent training in Gastroenterology from SGPGI, Lucknow in 2003.He is a liver specialist with a keen interest in therapeutic endoscopy and ERCP. He specialises in the treatment of gastrointestinal problems and liver diseases and is an expert in procedures such as colonoscopy, endoscopy, ERCP, sigmoidoscopy, endoultrasound, capsule endoscopy. He has a distinguished medical career with training at best medical schools in India. He has several publications in national and international journals and various awards and recognitions. He is an active member of various professional bodies in the country. He is an experienced clinician with a compassionate and caring towards his patients. He has keen interest in therapeutic Endoscopy and his skills in this field match that of the very best. Apart from his medical interests, Dr. Piyush is a philanthropist working for many social and charitable cause.

Dr. Piyush Ranjan

Senior Consultant and Vice-Chairman at Institute Of Liver Gastroenterology & Pancreatico Biliary Sciences, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital

DNB & MD – General Medicine,
DM – Gastroenterology, MBBS

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us would provide you with the premium quality gastroenterology treatment producing desirable results within a short span of time. Dr. Piyush Ranjan is undoubtedly the best gastroenterologist doctor in Delhi providing the best of services to patients. With several years of experience and expertise, the doctor imparts appropriately suitable treatment for patients depending on their needs. Here are a few of the major reasons why you should choose us for gastroenterology treatment.

Diagnosis is Appropriate

Use of Modern Tools, and Equipment

Use of Advanced Techniques and Technologies

Years of Experience and Expertise

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to be one of the leading healthcare service providers in the field of gastroenterology with excellence in quality, care, and innovation. We take pride in having the best gastro doctor in Delhi at our clinic to assure every patient of getting the best possible diagnosis as well as treatment. Every patient coming to our clinic is first put under diagnosis by conduction of appropriate tests. The focus of diagnosis is to find out the root cause of the disease or the condition and make the patient aware of the same.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to establish a strong foothold in the healthcare service industry by enhancing the quality of our services. We look forward to providing an optimal ratio of quality of service to price, thereby making sure that each of our patients is fully satisfied with the services we offer. Our best gastro doctor in Delhi makes sure that none of the patients or their family members get even a single chance to complain. With several years of experience and expertise in this field, we assure every patient with accurate diagnosis of the problems and come up with the best possible treatment solutions for a better cure.

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He is very gentle & experienced doctor, he will listen to your problem & give u very good advice with explanation. Can be recommended to anyone.

Shashikant Singh

It was good. He listen my problem calmly, taken note of all the issue. After 2nd visit my 90% of health issue resolved. I am soon going to visit once more for final check-up.

Niraj Kumar Singh Nalin

Its a saying that doctors are equal to god for patients but only few experiences really make u realize the fact , experience with Dr. Piyush is one of those , we already had many exp. with many reputed hospitals & doctors of delhi for gastro but Dr. Piyush is most experienced & efficient in his job , one can rely on him completely & blindly .


Willing to talk with interest. Explained the problem and suggested action. In short I felt he was sincere.

Mr.Snajeev Bhushan

What Makes Us Better Gastroenterologist or Liver Specialist in Delhi

Stomach problems are pervasive and affect every one of us; whether it’s chronic constipation, piles, fistula, gastroesophageal reflux disease, or irritable bowel disease, all are problems related to your gastrointestinal tract. Like a hungry stomach makes you feel the necessity to eat, a problem in your GIT can adversely affect your quality of life. However, you can get rid of all your GIT related issues with the help of a good gastroenterologist.

Gastroenterology is a branch of medical science that involves treating and maintaining the health of the digestive system or the gastrointestinal tract. At the same time, gastroenterologist are specialized medical professionals trained to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

A gastroenterologist is a medical expert specialized in treating digestive health and related issues. Gastroenterologists can treat disorders related to the esophagus, stomach, small & large intestines, and organs associated with the entire digestive tract. When you consume food, many functions take place from the food entering into the mouth until it is excreted out from your body as fecal matter. Gastroenterologists are trained to perform various endoscopic procedures, like ERCP, EUS, Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The endoscopic procedures are specialized instruments that allow the gastro specialist to view the internal GI tract and make a proper diagnosis. If you are looking for the best gastroenterologist in Delhi, then search for the one who is highly experienced.

Gastro doctors in Delhi experience ethical problems more commonly due to the complexity of making a decision that they face in their day-to-day life. Making and implying conclusions are, in turn, influenced by a variety of factors which may not be directly related to the patient’s benefit or well being.
For instance, the primary responsibility of a liver cirrhosis doctor in Delhi for the community as a whole. He/she should safeguard and protect the professional reputation and regulations laid by the council, the government, and the law by all means.
The core of ethics and standards followed by a gastroenterologist lies in the doctor-patient relationship and the responsibility to protect the patient’s wellbeing by utilizing the latest technology with proper training. It also involves updating their knowledge and keeping themselves aware of the latest techniques as well as procedures to give the patient the best treatment option.
Decisions made should be appropriate, acceptable, and meet the standards of care. A gastroenterologist needs to be virtuous in qualities like perseverance, fairness, punctuality, honesty, patience, kindness, and cooperation.

A gastroenterologist doctor performs a wide range of non-surgical procedures to provide patients with relief from gastro problems. Some of these procedures include:

  • Endoscopic ultrasounds: this procedure help examine the internal organs of gastrointestinal
  • Colonoscopy: It helps detect the presence of colon cancer or colon polyps
  • Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP): This technique is carried out to identify gallstones, tumours in the gallbladder or scar tissue are present in the bile duct area
  • Sigmoidoscopies: It is used to evaluate the bowel for blood loss or pain
  • Liver biopsies: To assess any malfunction like inflammation and fibrosis in the liver
  • Capsule endoscopies: It is used to examine the contents of the small intestine
  • Double balloon enteroscopy: the most advanced technology used to explore the small intestine and its content.

A gastroenterologist undergoes unique training, education and a lifetime provides them with the ability to give comprehensive, high quality, and utmost care for the patients suffering from a wide variety of gastrointestinal ailments. They are considered experts in gastroenterology with the ability to perform a standard quality colonoscopy, examining the internal structures of the gastrointestinal tract and offering detailed, comprehensive consultative services. A gastro doctor can also help you with liver problems. So, if you are looking for the best liver specialist doctor in Delhi, you can easily find one. It also makes them different from other physicians as gastroenterologists can provide more accurate decisions using various endoscopy techniques like a colonoscopy that help detect colon cancer and polyps, ERCP procedure. Apart from providing accuracy in the treatment, they also ensure that the patient receives standard care and treatment with fewer complications from the procedure carried out and short stay at the hospital. You can find numerous best gastroenterologists in Delhi who provide more accurate, complete, and thorough care to patients with various gastrointestinal conditions. These all qualities distinguish the best gastroenterologist from other physicians who tend to provide similar treatment services.

So, if you have got any gut-related problems, do not hesitate to consult one of the best gastroenterologists in Delhi. Make sure you consult a more experienced, trained and gastroenterologist with higher qualifications.


Frequently Asked Questions

Gallbladder disease symptoms can be caused by gallbladder infections, acute or chronic cholecystitis (gallbladder inflammation), gallstones, and other diseases. Blockage of the bile duct by cholesterol or gallstones also elicits gallbladder symptoms.

Before you undergo gallbladder surgery, the doctor runs some quick blood tests and does a chest x-ray and ECG. Detecting and diagnosing a gallbladder condition requires several tests, including abdominal ultrasound, CAT scans or MRI, HIDA scan, and ERCP.

Gallbladder symptoms are often caused by infection, inflammation, or chronic gallbladder disease. The common gallbladder symptoms involve jaundice, dark urine, light stools, and abrupt drops in blood pressure. Pain in the upper abdominal region, slightly toward the right, is a telltale sign of gallbladder problems, especially gallstones. Many people also mentioned experiencing pain in other parts of the body, like the chest, due to pain in the gallbladder.

About 80% of gallstones are found to be made up of cholesterol. Hence, frequently eating foods with high cholesterol increases your chances of developing gallstones. High saturated fats are also considered a risk factor. Regular intake of foods like butter, ghee, coconut oil, palm oil, meat pies, and hard cheese poses a risk of gallstone formation.

Change of diet is one of the best ways to deal with various liver problems in the best possible manner. Here is how you can do it.

  • Completely stop alcohol consumption
  • Avoid sugary foods like cookies, candies, sodas, packaged juices, etc.
  • Restrict the intake of fried foods
  • Limit sodium intake
  • Avoid white rice and white bread
  • Eliminate red meat from the diet

You can consult the best gastroenterologist in Delhi to get more detailed and correct diet suggestions that help in properly dealing with liver problems.

The 4 commonly classified stages of liver disease are mentioned below. 

Stage 1 – Inflammation is the first sign of damage to the liver

Stage 2 – Fibrosis is the onset of scarring of the liver

Stage 3 – More severe scarring of the liver leads to cirrhosis

Stage 4 – Complete failure of liver

It is ideal to get yourself checked by the best liver specialist in Delhi without any delay during the first stage for preventing further complications.

Some of the most common liver problems and diseases are listed below.

  • Hepatitis A, B, C, D, and E
  • Fatty liver disease
  • Autoimmune conditions like autoimmune hepatitis, Primary biliary cirrhosis or PBC, and Primary sclerosing cholangitis
  • Liver cancer
  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver failure

For detection of liver problems or diseases, the doctors might suggest the following tests.

  • Blood tests for detecting liver dysfunctioning or genetic conditions
  • Imaging tests such as ultrasound, MRI, CT scan to show the extent of liver damage
  • Biopsy to check a sample of liver tissue to appropriately diagnose liver disease

It would always be ideal to opt for the best gastroenterologist in Delhi for accurate diagnosis and best treatment.

The liver is the only organ of our body that is able to regenerate itself. It can replace damaged tissues with new tissues if no further complications arise. Liver damage caused by excessive consumption of alcohol is reversible but in later stages of liver disease like cirrhosis, irreversible complications can occur.

About 50 percent of people with liver disease do not have any symptoms, thereby making it extremely difficult to identify. With the progress of the disease, the affected individuals might experience symptoms like vomiting, nausea, abdominal swelling & pain, unexplained loss of weight, white chalky stools, yellowing of skin & eyes, mental confusion, and itc hy skin at times. Visiting a liver specialist is recommended at the earliest when these symptoms are noticed.

People who experience frequent heart burn, bloating, abdominal pain, abnormal bowel moments, rectal bleeding, indigestion, etc should consult a gastroenterologist.

Generally the fee or cost of a gastro doctor in delhi lies b/w 1000 – 3000. It also vary from patient to patient and nature of disease

People often use both of these terms interchangeably but gastroenterologist is a more broader term them liver specialist doctor. a gastroenterologist issues involving the stomach but h e/she can also help diagnose & treat liver disease.

There’s no 1 certain answer to the specific question but we can assure you dr piyush ranjan is one of the best gastroenterologist / liver specialist doctor in delhi. He is a very qualified & experienced gastroenterologist in delhi. He is a very professional, humble & well communicating doctor in delhi.

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