Pancreatitis Treatment in Delhi

Pancreatitis Treatment in Delhi

The pancreas is a large gland that performs two primary functions, releases enzymes in the small intestine for digestion, and releases insulin and glucagon hormones to control food consumption to regulate energy levels. It is mostly known for its insulin production to adjust sugar levels. In pancreatitis, digestive enzymes are activated before entering the small intestine and start attacking your pancreas.

There is a sudden inflammation in acute pancreatitis for a shorter period and can be completely relieved with the proper medication. On the other hand, chronic pancreatitis lasts for a more extended period and can even affect other organs like the heart, liver, and kidney. Dr. Piyush Ranjanis a renowned gastroenterologist having 15 years of rich experience in the said field. He is presently associated with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital as a senior consultant and can prove to be your liberator for treating pancreatitis.

Pancreatitis is often caused due to gallstones, autoimmune diseases, infection, metabolic disorder, trauma, and as a reaction to medications. Alcohol addiction is also deemed a prominent cause of pancreatitis. It is diagnosed with testing like pancreatic function test, glucose tolerance test, and imagery test. Treatment is primarily done with medication and dietary changes for improving nutrition and eliminating alcohol. If gallstones cause pancreatitis, surgery may be advised to remove the gallbladder and bring the pancreas back to normal functioning.

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