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ERCP / Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is an examination to diagnose the problems and abnormalities in your large intestine and rectum. It is done by inserting a flexible tube into your rectum. This test helps the gastroenterologist look at the intestine and identify the cause and the exact area of abnormalities in your large intestine. It also helps in detecting whether you have colon cancer. Before the procedure gets started, the patient is given some medications and proper care to conduct smoothly with a minimal amount of pain. At the end of this long and flexible tube, the camera gives us the recording of your intestine on the screen. During the process, the patient is made comfortable at the centre. There are no such risk factors and other complications if performed by an experienced gastroenterologist. The entire procedure is completed within an hour. After it is done, they are kept in observation for around two hours when the effects of medications wear off. The patient may also not be able to drive home. Thus, someone else should be present to take safely to their home. Taking rest for a day or two is what often suggested by the doctors

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