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ESD, Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection is a process to eliminate cancer from the gastrointestinal tract without tempering the actual organ. This helps in minimizing the complications which were there in removing the entire organ. The treatment as a whole includes ESD, surgery and a couple of therapies. Gastric cancer happens because of uncontrolled cell division in the esophagus as well as stomach. ESD is a simple process where firstly an endoscope is first inserted from the patients’ mouth. Then, after knowing the exact area where the tumor lies, the tumor is cut carefully using the sharp tools via their mouth. Hence, the entire cancer-causing tumor is removed in one piece without harming any of the organs. This entire treatment is done after applying anesthesia to the patient. Once this treatment is done, there are very rare chances that this type of cancer occurs again. Less than five percent of the risk is involved in the entire process. Therefore, the procedure of EDD is easy to perform that cures cancer and also has a high success rate. The patient can continue his routine almost after a week of the treatment after they feel fully fit and healthy to perform.

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