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Manometry and PH Studies


Manometry is the process used to examine whether your esophagus is functioning properly or not. Your esophagus has muscles that make rhythmic movements. Manometry basically checks whether these movements are rhythmic as they should be as well as checks their coordination. This entire process is performed by passing a thin tube from your nose that contains pressure sensors. When the catheter is in your esophagus, you are asked to swallow the water. When you swallow it, contraction and movement of your muscles is recorded and observations are made whether they are functioning well or not. This test is prescribed by the doctors when the patient complains about swallowing problems. Manometry is a safe process that generally does not have any complications. After the process is completed, you may return back home and continue your activities back.

A certain amount of acid flows from your stomach from your esophagus during an entire day. If the amount of acid flowing deflects, that can be problematic for your body. Thus, to measure the amount of acid flowing, the PH study of the acid is done. This is done by inserting a probe through your nostrils to the esophagus. According to the recorded PH, observations are recorded and measures are taken accordingly.

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