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Capsule Endoscopy

As a long and flexible tube was used in normal endoscopy, the process of capsule endoscopy involves a tiny wireless camera fitted into a kind of a capsule that is supposed to take the images of your digestive tract when you swallow them. Apart from the digestive tract, this capsule also allows getting the images of your small intestine which is very difficult using any other method. Also, this is one of the safest procedure which involves minimal risks. To ensure that images captured by the capsule are clear and detailed, the doctor will advise not to eat anything 24 hours before the process. When you swallow the capsule, it is required to wear a belt on your waist to which the capsule inside your body will send thousands of images. The camera capsule is then flushed into the water after almost nine hours of the procedure. Hence, capsule endoscopy will give you thousands of clear images that you can show to your specialized doctor for further treatment for your problems in the digestive tract. The doctor will take care of and will ensure that the entire process takes place carefully as well as successfully.

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