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Endoscopic banding

There are some blood vessels in our esophagus which have fragile walls. Also, the pressure of blood in that part of our body is very high. Thus, sometimes they burst due to this reason and start bleeding. In this case, endoscopic banding is done to cure that part and to treat the varices. During the procedure, you may also be given local anesthesia to lower the pain and make you feel relaxed. Initially, to study wear and tear areas, a long tube will be passed from your mouth to get the images of your esophagus. Accordingly, a gastroenterologist will give instruments to put up one or more bands to control and stop the bleeding. Completion of this entire process will hardly take an hour where you may feel pain in some instances. For some hours after it is done, you may also feel discomfort in your throat, which will get regular back in some period. After the procedure, you must follow the doctor’s medications and precautions to stop bleeding, feel comfortable, and get back well soon! One may feel free to contact the doctors if they feel any discomfort after the procedure.

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