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Preventive health check-up & Well Woman Clinic

Regular health checks and screening tests are an important part of early diagnosis and disease prevention. Women of any age are susceptible to number of gynecological and other disorders. These diseases may be asymptomatic and require regular check-ups. Finding problems early means increased chances for effective treatment.

Why regular health checks are important?

Purpose of these check-ups is to:

  • Check for current or emerging medical problems
  • Assess your risk of future medical issues

Many of the uterine diseases today are asymptomatic or show common symptoms of heavy bleeding, pelvic pain during periods etc. These diseases thus remain unnoticed till a point it becomes difficult to manage. During preventive health check-up your doctor may diagnose the disease at early stage and it can be cured easily with healthy lifestyle changes combined with few medications.

Symptoms associated with reproductive organs that women must not ignore include:

  • Heavy bleeding
  • Severe pelvic pain or lower back pain
  • Irregular periods
  • Bleeding between menstrual periods
  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse

With ageing, our body requires extra care and maintenance. Along with that frequent and preventive check-ups are required for women over 50s. If you have a high risk of a particular health condition, your doctor may recommend more frequent health checks at an earlier age.

These health check-ups include following tests:

  • Pap smear (for cervical cancer)
  • Pelvic exam or physical examination (for identifying abnormalities)
  • Sonography
  • Pregnancy check up and other.

Your doctor may suggest the tests based on your age, symptoms, conditions, family history etc.

At Kilkari Mother and Child Centre at GNH Hospital, our doctors are trained to care for women of all ages and understand a woman’s changing health care needs. We provide best medical services with advanced technologies and expert team in Gurgaon.


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