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POEM, Peroral Endoscopic Myotomy is an esophagus muscle disorder where a person suffers from swallowing disorders. To examine the situation of the esophagus muscles, an endoscope is passed from the patient’s mouth. The benefit of this method of treatment is that there has to be no involvement or cut on the chest which minimizes the complications to a great extent. Before the procedure begins, the patient will be given anesthesia. They also have to consume a diet that is prescribed by the doctors. After all the tests are done and antibiotics are given, the team of expert doctors will begin the treatment. There is a knife that is attached to the endoscope that loosens the tight muscles of your esophagus. It ensures that the muscles work well and ensures proper swallowing of food without any problem. After the loosening of muscles is done, the endoscope is taken out back from their mouth. One just has to stay under observation for a day after the treatment. After a day, you are discharged from the hospital after the doctors ensure that your esophagus muscles are functioning properly. This entire procedure is risk-free if performed by a team of specialized doctors.

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