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Best Gall Stone Treatment in Delhi

Gallstones are not genuine stones. These are the accumulation of solid material inside the gallbladder, which place under the liver. These gallstones often go unnoticed and are discovered only when they start causing trouble like blocking the bile duct.

Gallstones occur due to several reasons like genetics, weight, diet, etc. If you face issues like high cholesterol, diabetes, cirrhosis, sickle cell anemia, sudden weight loss, pregnancy, etc., you are very likely to develop gallstones. Common symptoms associated with gallstones are persistent pain in the upper belly or upper back, nausea, vomiting, and other digestive problems.

As the symptoms are common to usual digestive issues, it is possible to mistake the gall stone with these general problems. It is always better to consult a liver specialist like Dr. Piyush Ranjan, who can conduct a thorough examination of your pain and ascertain the root cause. He has spent over 15 glorious years serving patients with gastrointestinal problems and liver diseases. Many patients treated and other achievements have established him as an expert in treating gallbladder-related conditions.

Before diving into the course of treatment, you can get advanced tests like blood tests, ultrasound, CT scan, endoscopic ultrasound, and ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) to ascertain the presence of gallstones. You get the most suitable medication and cholecystectomy to resolve your problem.

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