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Cirrhosis: Risk of Liver Damage

Your liver is an organ with important jobs like filtering toxins from the blood, making digestive enzymes, storing nutrients and fighting infection. The cirrhosis is a disease that damages the liver tissues which replace the healthy liver cells. Initially, it results in fatigue, weight loss, appetite loss, and nausea. In later stages, it may show major symptoms like jaundice, fever, blood vomiting, enlarged spleen, etc.

Timely diagnosis can be life-changing in the case of cirrhosis. Dr. Piyush Ranjan who is an expert in treating liver-related diseases and has been helping patients for as many as 15 years can be your ultimate savior. He is presently working as a senior consultant at well known Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi. Along with his proficient treatment from his clinic, you can also get your tests done from the hospital which is crucial to identify a high level of bilirubin, low-level protein, abnormal blood counts, and infections, etc. These indicators are vital in determining the presence and stage of cirrhosis.

Along with the medication, your doctor may also advise you to adopt some lifestyle and dietary changes. You have to stop drinking alcohol, reduce weight if you are obese, take a low-sodium diet, and take medicine to cure other diseases like hepatitis B and C, etc to mitigate strain on your liver.

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