Upper GI Endoscopy In Delhi

Upper GI Endoscopy In Delhis

An upper GI endoscopy is used to look at the problems related to your upper GI of the body which includes your food pipe, stomach and a small part of your small intestine. The symptoms for which upper GI endoscopy is preferred by the physicians are vomiting, chest pain, weight loss as well as trouble in swallowing. A long and flexible tube is used for the process which has a torch and camera on its top via which the problems inside the body can be diagnosed and further treatment can be taken accordingly. The upper GI endoscopy should be done carefully by some expertise doctors. It is required to diagnose and identify several types of upper GI problems. The process becomes simple and convenient when performed with care. It includes a very low level of risk as it is easy and fast to perform. After the test is done, you will be taken to the recovery room where you will be taken care of any problems related to the test. This is not a complicated procedure and hence you can continue your routine work normally after a day. Once the checkup is done and everything seems to be alright, you are discharged for your home.

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